Advisement Database Training

The University launched the USC Undergraduate Advisement Database for academic advisors effective August 7, 2007.    The Advisement Database is a web-based tool for managing the information and processes involved in undergraduate student advisement at USC.

The system is designed to increase retention and graduation rates by:

  • Increasing the efficiency of the advisement process;
  • Facilitating the transfer of data between schools and units;
  • Enabling proactive advisement by identifying students at risk of not graduating from USC;
  • Providing on-demand reporting for faster data analysis; and;
  • Safeguarding against loss of records due to staff turnover.

Most staff advisors have attended an Advisement Database training session.  Trainings are offered several times throughout the year for recently hired advisors. Veteran advisors who would like a refresher are encouraged may also attend.

Access to the Advisement Database may be requested using the Access Request Form. Please note that in most cases, previous access to SIS is required.

The Advisement Database is located at:

The system is accessible only from the USC Intranet (or VPN).


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